Revenue Online


Course Content

The course content is designed to support micro and small enterprises to develop the confidence to understand how to submit returns through Revenue on Line and how to interact with the ROL site.

  • How to log on to Revenue Website
  • Demonstrate the 3 steps to becoming a ROS Customer
  • Register for Income Tax
  • Demonstration of filing a return online for VAT, PAYE/PRSI, Corporation Tax, Income Tax
  • Uploading file created offline
  • Download ROS offline application
  • Downloading and completing ROS forms offline
  • Using the Inbox facility for Returns, Payments, Refunds
  • Apply for a tax clearance certificate online.
  • Better understanding of Revenue on Line and have an ability to set up a customer account with ROI
  • More confidence to use all the functions available.


Course Duration: 2-2.5 hour session.


Cost: €0.00. This course is fully funded under SICAP.


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