Prep 4 Life

Prep 4 Life

This project has the aim of supporting young people to engage with their future.
Prep 4 Life is a Pre Youthreach programme which CLDC will offer in conjunction with LCETB Youthreach services. This programme will target young people who are either too young, out of education too long or are not ready academically or behaviourally to participate in the Youthreach or CTC course.

This programme has been piloted with the young people who had applied for a place on Ennis Youthreach but were deemed ‘not ready’. The programme has proven very successful with 90% of participants progressing to BTEI or Youthreach.

Prep 4 Life is responding to a gap in service provision in Co Clare for young people who had left school early (before turning 16 years of age) or who had left at 16 but had been disengaged for an extended period. Education and Welfare Officers and School Completion Personnel have reiterated the need for supports for this cohort.

CLDC and the LCETB offer modules on personal development and group work, communications, IT, sports and recreation, cookery, life skills and general learning based on need and facilities available. The programme include CLDCs specially developed course, First Impressions, which will modified for delivery to young people in informal settings. It focuses on how young people view themselves and how they think others see them. It challenges their perceptions, where they see their place in society and what they want from life. This programme can also be rolled out to all Youthreach and Community Training Centre participants.

The aim is to prepare the young people to be able to participate fully an education and/or training programme and reach their potential.



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