The poem you see here was written by Daniel Meehan, a participant in our “Stepping Stones” programme. Stepping Stones is a personal development programme that supports people to develop both personally and professionally. Daniel shows us poetically the impact that this programme can have. Thanks to Geraldine Lyons of Breaking Beyond for her fab facilitation!

Describing the programme, Geraldine says,

“I love to watch participants as they cultivate awareness of themselves. Appreciating how their beliefs can influence their behaviours, helps them to realise that change is possible and make a difference in their own lives. Add some action into the mix and this is where the magic happens! My heart soars as I witness them taking responsibility for the steps that are required, and the weekly sessions offer a safe space to explore challenges and successes that they encounter along the way. The only downside is that the time passes by so quickly! I am so grateful for the trust that both CLDC and especially the participants place in me to support them on their journeys. Only one question remains… When is the next one starting?!”

Stepping Stones is offered to folks through our Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) in CLDC.  We are proud to be your community organisation and to support folks in this way!

Find out more about Geraldine’s work by clicking here: Geraldine Lyons on LinkedIn

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