CLDC is now accepting applications for the Rural Social Scheme!

Do you know any farmers, or their families, who are in need of extra income?

The Rural Social Scheme (RSS) gives farmers (and their family members) who are in receipt of a social welfare payment, an opportunity to earn extra income. Individuals are given placements with local community groups to work 19.5 hours a week, based on a farmer-friendly schedule. Minimum weekly payment is currently 247.50eu per week.

To participate in the scheme, you must be ACTIVELY FARMING (or a direct relation of someone who is,) and be in receipt of one of the following payments:

-Farm Assist
-Jobseeker’s allowance
-Disability allowance
-Widow’s, widower’s, or surviving civil partner’s contributory allowance
-One-parent family allowance

For more info, contact CLDC via Bernie Carey (087.272.9481), or

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