24th October 2023 @ 9:30 am
Sinéad Duffy

Course Content

Part 1: Introduction to Counter Service/Customer Service

  • Appreciate the importance of the customer to an organisation
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the frontline representative of an organisation
  • Understand the teamwork necessary to meet customer needs and expectations
  • Be familiar with relevant legislation.
  • Develop a customer-oriented quality service consistent with best practice and standards.
  • Be able to respond appropriately to inappropriate/argumentative customer behaviour.


Part 2: Employer and Employee Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understanding of employer expectations when working within the hospitality sector.
  • Understanding of the key competencies and attributes that are essential for working in the hospitality sector.
  • Understanding of employee rights and responsibilities.
  • Understanding of appropriate behaviour in the work place.


Part 3: HACCP Level 1

  • Identify the hazards and risks associated with food preparation.
  • Define food poisoning, understand how it occurs.
  • Identify the main causes of food contamination.
  • Explain the importance of correct handling, storage, preparation, and cooking of food.
  • Explain the legal responsibilities of the employee working with food.
  • List the structural requirements of a food premises.
  • Recognise a pest infestation and know how to implement controls.
  • Define HACCP


Part 4: Barista Skills

  • Understand the features and requirements for beverage counter service.
  • Serve beverages safely and efficiently.
  • Use a commercial espresso machine to produce a range of types of coffees and other beverages.
  • Prepare and serve food items typically associated with cafes


Course Outcome

Allow all participants to gain knowledge and skills relevant to the hospitality sector, both practical and theoretical.