Business Boost Programme

Course Aim 

Specifically targeted at individuals who are moving into the second year of BTWEA or who have finished their time on STEA. The aim is to support your business to sustainment, to further grow your client reach and continue to generate sufficient income to achieve a profit. 


Course Content

  • 1 year post Business start up: Current situation in terms of revenue, sales, net profit.
  • Identify the gap between where your business is and where you want it to be with a focus on marketing and increasing sales and motivation.
  • Review and further development of business plan, including innovative ways to be creative with your marketing strategy.
  • Forward Planning and Action Planning. Ways to generate more sales and increase revenue. How has the market changed since business start up? Thinking Lean and Project Management.
  • Review of SWOT analysis from Business Plan. Preparing/updating a personal and business SWOT analysis. Personal development and becoming an entrepreneur.
  • How to prepare for end of year returns for Revenue.
  • The importance of creating networking opportunities for business reach and growth.
  • Support services available.



Clients will leave the programme with a personal action plan that will support them to identify areas for improvement in growing their business


Course Duration

4 sessions, about 3 hours long each



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