Job Seeking Tools and Resources

You may be the best person for the job. Your skills and qualifications may be unbeatable, and your experience may be just what the employer needs, but without sound preparation and attention to the smaller details you could still be unsuccessful. Getting a job requires a disciplined methodical approach.

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Explore the opportunities available
  3. Take action
  4. Review your situation

Step 1 The following are just some of the sites available where you can explore yourself by using a variety of career assessment tools such as Interests Tests, Personality Tests, Career Values Test & Career Skills Test.

Step 2 When jobseeking be prepared to put time and effort into searching and exploring, the following sites will help;

For Step 3 , the following sites are resources for ‘taking action’. They include both chronological and skills-based CV’s, videos and pod-casts on coping with interviews and general job seeking tools.

Very useful tool kit for job seeking entitled ‘Find your way back to work’. It is a 40 page step by step guide which includes checklists. It is UK based but still very relevant in applying for jobs. puts a lot of useful content together in the one place. It’s constructed in a very clear and concise manner which is of great use as a first stop for graduates finishing college and looking for their first job.

Some in depth interview information from the career section. With information on everything from body language to what questions you should ask the interviewer.

This site will provide some (basic enough) assistance to guide you through the various stages of the recruitment process such as: writing a cover letter that will help you to stand out from the crowd, anticipating questions you might be asked during a job interview and tips and recommendations that will assist you in securing your dream job.

Career advice from Monster using iTunes. Useful interview and career information. Over 30 clips free to download.