Job Seekers

CLDC provides many supports under the SICAP programme for Long Term Unemployed people who are looking for work.


  • Personal Action Planning
  • Career Guidance
  • Training
  • Work Experience
  • CV and Interview Preparation
  • Finding Job Opportunities

Please phone 065 686 6800 or email to make an appointment to talk with one of our expert advisors.






SICAP in full is “Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme” and is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and administered by POBAL.


Programme Aim

The aim of SICAP is to reduce poverty and promote social inclusion and equality in Ireland through supporting communities and individuals using community development approaches, engagement and collaboration

This programme will run from 2018 – 2022

Any individual who has received support in the previous programme 2015-2017 will need to re-register for our new programme


SICAP now works under 2 Goals;

  • GOAL 1: Supporting Communities
  • GOAL 2: Supporting Individuals

Goal 1: Supporting Communities

To support communities and target groups to engage with relevant stakeholders in identifying and addressing social exclusion and equality issues, developing the capacity of Local Community Groups, and creating more sustainable communities.

Goal 2: Supporting Individuals

To support disadvantaged individuals to improve the quality of their lives through the provision of lifelong learning and labour market supports