What is CLDC membership?

Membership is open on an ongoing basis.

CLDC is changing to become a new membership based organisation which connects more directly with communities and people on the ground.  Community and voluntary groups, businesses and interested individuals in Co. Clare who support the ethos of CLDC are now invited to become registered members, and if they wish, to participate in electing Directors to the Board.  Only community and voluntary groups and businesses can participate in elections.

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Register of Members

Community & Voluntary Membership Register


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FAQs on Membership


What are the membership criteria?

For community and voluntary groups

  • Be in existence more than 6 months
  • Be active
  • Be not-for-profit
  • Support the CLDC ethos

For businesses

  • Operate in Co. Clare
  • Support the CLDC ethos

For individuals

  • Resident in county or have an active association with Co. Clare
  • Be at least 15 years of age
  • Support the CLDC ethos


What are the benefits of membership?

All members will be connected to our information network and can attend the AGM

  • Get regular updates on CLDC news and activities
  • Give feedback and suggestions on what we do
  • Participate in consultation and research for planning future actions
  • Community and voluntary group members can participate in Board elections – as nominees and as voters
  • Business members can participate in Board elections – as nominees and as voters


When are the next Member Elections?

In 2018  four community and voluntary Directors and Two Business Sector Directors will be elected from the membership base to the CLDC Board to serve for a three year term.  In 2015 the members of CLDC elected four community and voluntary Directors and two business Directors to the board of CLDC. In 2016 the members of CLDC elected four community and voluntary directors.


Why does an individual member not have the benefit of voting or nomination?

The available seats on the Board of CLDC are for the Community & Voluntary and Business Sectors. Only members from these sectors can nominate or vote for people to represent them on the Board of CLDC.


I am a member of a community and voluntary group – Can I join as an individual member? 

You are welcome to become an individual Member of CLDC. Your community & voluntary group can also become a member of CLDC.


How can I attend the AGM?

All members will receive an invitation to the AGM. You will have to register your attendance in advance.


What will happen at the AGM?

The October AGM Agenda will include:

  • Annual Report Presentation  (Highlights from the past year)
  • Directors Retiring by Rotation
  • Formal appointment of the six new Directors (Four C&V and Two Business Sector)
  • Re-appointment of Auditor
  • Any Other Business

Who are the current directors of the CLDC Board?

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

You can contact us by email on members@cldc.ie or phone 065 686800