Your Business Plan should contain the following:

A brief introduction to the project including the project title or name and promoter’s location in the county.

The Promoter:
Provide information on the promoter including relevant skills or expertise, experience in this particular field, ability to see the project through and commitment to the project.

Describe the project in detail here – what is it and what it needs to get up and running.

Market Research:
What research has been done in relation to the project? Show your market knowledge and illustrate what market share you require to make your project viable.

Marketing Strategy:
What strategy will be pursued in order to achieve the market share or demand referred to above?

Here you should describe how your project is different or where is the innovation in your project.

You should highlight any competition and show how your project will not adversely affect any other established local business.

Project Costs and Funding:
This should include a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the project based on quotations received. A separate section should show how the match funding will be sourced.

Financial Projections:
Comprehensive three-year financial projections must be provided. These should include Profit & Loss projections and Cash Flow projections and these must demonstrate the viability of the project.

Project Impact:
Outline the benefits or positive impact of your project for yourself, the business, the wider community or the environment. Give realistic projections for job creation business growth.

This is an opportunity to convince the reader that your project should be supported.